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The strange rise in popularity of Swegways

Self balancing scooters, or more often incorrectly called hoverboards, are sweeping the nation. They were an extremely popular gift at Christmas, finding themselves under thousands of Christmas trees. But are they as good as advertised? Or are they simply a dangerous trend, like some people have claimed? Whatever your stance on these new hands free electric scooters, it is impossible to deny that they are fun, popular, and aren’t going away anytime soon.

To begin with, these self balancing scooters aren’t actually hoverboards at all. They don’t hover over the ground. Instead, they balance on two large wheels, as long as the device is turned on. If it isn’t, or the battery is dead, then these scooters won’t balance. In fact, there is actually a real life hoverboard. Lexus has created a functioning hoverboard more like those seen in futuristic science fiction movies. It really does float above the ground, unlike self balancing scooters. Unfortunately, Lexus has no plans to release their hoverboard to the public, so if you’re on a budget, self balancing scooters will have to do.

And in fact, the popularity of these self balancing scooters has actually overshadowed the buzz generated by the hoverboard created by Lexus. While self balancing scooters are exploding in popularity and filling homes all across the United States, the hoverboard that Lexus offers is quickly being forgotten. Honestly, this isn’t surprising. A readily available product called a hoverboard is sure to generate more talk and excitement than an actual hoverboard that isn’t available.

Justin Bieber riding a swegway

It is important to keep in mind, however, that self balancing scooters aren’t without their faults. Before Christmas, there were reports that some self balancing scooters went up in flames underneath the family tree. Some models come with cheap batteries that can be a fire hazard. On Christmas, and immediately after, reports spread like wildfire that people across the nation were getting injured when falling off of their self balancing scooters. Safety is important.

Obviously, their popularity is still growing, despite the negative reports. Even Mike Tyson could not resist. People love the idea of a hoverboard, even if it really isn’t one. They want to buy one to use it to ride to the grocery store or commute to work. Some want it simply for how fun it looks. Others consider their name ridiculous and their use immensely dangerous, refusing to buy one. Whether or not you fall into the camp of those who love self balancing scooters and hoverboards or resent them, their popularity is undeniable.

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Updated: January 17, 2018 — 7:38 am

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