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Powerboard by Hoverboard Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter review


  • – Easy to learn
  • – Adequate speed.
  • – It can be used by amateurs as well as pro’s
  • – Affordable price
  • – Interesting colours


  • – It scratches very easily
  • – The plastic outer body could be made out of better materials

The Powerboard Self Balancing two wheel Electric Scooter, while similar to other self balancing scooters, performs exactly as advertised. It is a solid investment for anyone looking for their first self balancing scooter or simply a self balancing scooter that will be reliable, hold up even after some wear and tear, and provide hours of endless enjoyment. While it has many great features, there are a few negatives that truly hold it back from being a perfect product.

To begin with, is this Powerboard scooter right for you? The answer to that is almost always going to be a resounding yes. Unless you are physically unable of using self balancing scooters, the Powerboard is a perfect fit for anyone with even a passing interest in self balancing scooters. Younger children, with adult supervision, will love the feeling of freedom the Powerboard offers. Older users will be right at home after only a few minutes on the board.

The Powerboard by Hoverboard comes in a small variety of colors (black, chrome, pink, red, blue, green and white). Although the color selection is lacking, the colors offered are glossy and really stand out. The colors, in combination with the LED lights on the scooter, really make the board look sleek and flashy. The Powerboard combines both form and function for those who want to look good while having fun.

So how does the Powerboard perform? To put it simply, it performs great. The motor inside is powerful, yet inaudible. Despite the power output of the scooter, it performs nearly silently, perfect for use in the house while trying to remain quiet. The balancing system used is flawless. While some other boards may be wobbly when stepping foot on the scooter, the Powerboard does not have this problem. Be sure that the Powerboard is turned on before you step on it, however! Once both feet are on, prepare for a smooth, satisfying ride. The battery life on the Powerboard is phenomenal. Using a trademarked design allows energy recovery during times where the battery is not needed (braking and coasting downhill). This unique feature allows the board to drive farther than other competitor’s boards, leaving them in the dust.

A common worry about self balancing scooters is the issue of safety. How can one of these scooters be safe? Is it safe for children, or the elderly? The answer to that always lies with the capabilities of the user but in most cases is just a simple yes. If for any moment you feel that you or someone else is in danger while using the Powerboard, immediately stop use. Always supervise children and be sure the user wears a helmet. There is always inherent risk in using products like these, but this electric scooter produced by Hoverboard has made great strives forward in providing a product that is both fun and safe for all users. The self balancing scooter uses a three-axis accelerometer and gyrosensor configuration to ensure that the user is in full control of the board at all times. While these terms may mean nothing to the average user, rest easy knowing that they equate to absolute control in all situations. More control means more safety. Finally, the Powerboard uses a high quality battery that ensures long mileage.

So with the positives in mind, what are the negatives of the Powerboard scooter? The aren’t many, and they certainly should not deter you from considering the purchase of the Powerboard. In fact, these problems aren’t exclusive just to Powerboard, but are still worth mentioning. While the Powerboard is a great, durable product, wear and tear will occur if the user is not extremely careful of their surroundings. The wheels are tough and can cover a wide range of terrain, although larger objects in your path will become impassable obstacles. The shiny paint job scratches easily, so be vigilant to ensure that your Powerboard stays looking brand new. Take extreme care when transporting it. The Powerboard is not the lightest scooter out there, so be sure that you have enough battery to reach your destination, as you do not want to be stuck carrying it.

All in all, the Powerboard self balancing hoverboard with 2 wheel scooter is a great purchase. It is an amazing self balancing scooter that all ages can enjoy. With a little care and some practice, the Powerboard can be your next mode of transportation and your greatest source of fun.

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Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:18 am

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