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Ninebot One E + Onewheel Self Balancing Scooter Review


  • – Good battery for longlasting trips
  • – Sleek design that looks like something from the future
  • – Fast recharge time in contrary with other models
  • – Iridescent atmosphere lamp that matches your personality


  • – It’s a bit pricy for its tech specs

The new era of personal transportation is here with single wheeled devices giving a boost to the Unicycle industry. Although the retail industry is awash with similar models of self balancing Unicycle Scooters, Ninebot has hit the ball out of the park with its latest design, the One-wheel Self-balancing Ninebot One E+ Unicycle. It can attain a speed of 13.6 miles/hr mounted with a battery of 320 Wh. It allows for a climbing level of 20 degrees. The charging time is 1-4 hours and can be recharged up to 1000 times. It gives a mileage of up to ~21 miles depending on the terrain and speed. It can handle a maximum weight of ~264 pounds. However, the payload and mileage vary with the battery power. On a fully charged device, you can get on with your laptop bag and zoom away. On a draining battery, it’s better to keep the load to a minimum to get decent mileage. It also comes with trademark technology that recharges the battery while braking or going downhill. While braking is necessary, we wouldn’t recommend flying downhill unless you are a pro. The package comes with protective foam tubing for the first few rides and decent quality two way sticky tape. The unit is shipped fully charged by the manufacturers so you can get on one within moments of opening the box. The manufacturer suggests that you should read the instruction manual before taking your first ride on it.

What sets the Ninebot One E+ Unicycle apart is the vast improvement in looks and design that could blend in seamlessly in any sci-fi movie. The sleek display unit and the circle of light that indicate battery level are the highlights of this device. The aerodynamic design coupled with the powerful engine even allows navigation uphill which is a major achievement. Although, this shouldn’t be confused with navigation on uneven surfaces. While the One E+ can cruise up a hill with consummate ease, riding it over rough terrain wouldn’t be the best idea as the wheel wobbles and trumps on unpaved roads, stony surfaces, etc. A workaround to this issue is having the tire fully pumped. On a 65+psi, you can be fairly certain that it can withstand a couple of bumps and blocks here and there.

Although the frame is made of plastic, it has a metallic pedals. The sturdiness is another big win as the device can handle rough usage without much wear and tear. The processor responds in fractions of a second to changes making it easier to maneuver.

The Ninebot One is Bluetooth enabled and makes it easy for customers to upgrade firmware and use it in conjunction with other electronic devices with ease. The device alerts users when they are cruising at top speeds and reaching low batteries. You can also check other stats here like mileage, speed and tally in with the world wide community of Ninebot users and see where you stand in the mileage rankings. There’s a healthy community of helpful youtubers and bloggers who share tips and tricks with fellow users. If this is your first time riding a unicycle, the E+ community is a great way to start learning, getting that balance and commuting with the best of tech. If you have a daily commute of about 10 to 14 miles, this is an ideal unit to beat the traffic and save time. You’ll need third party apps to lock the device in place. This isn’t a big deal and the Bluetooth feature makes it easy to render the device safe with password protection.

The pedals on the Ninebot are slightly upturned as opposed to the flat pedals on similar devices making you more stable on the wheel. They’ve also added rubber grips for better hold in wet weather conditions. The E+ is a closed unit but still susceptible to moisture. While you can ride it in wet conditions, it would be safer to avoid it as the device works on precision balance.

The wheel comes with a slim air nozzle and needs some additional work of removing the shell to pump up the tire. Alternately, some gas stations also have straight valves that could fit in the opening and cut your work short. The entire process takes a little over 5 minutes so isn’t that big of a deal.

Although the Ninebot E+ Unicycle employs one of the best gyro technology available at present, it’s still up to the user to balance properly on this device and make it a positive experience.

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Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:16 am

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