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Leray Dreamwalker Review Hands Free Scooter


  • – Manufactured with sturdy and quality materials
  • – Enjoyable by people of all age categories
  • – It runs smooth and quickly
  • – We were able to ride, and balance on it at a very slow pace with zero problems


  • – Some people complain that it’s a bit noisy
  • – It gets a bit warm during charging

Leray self balancing hands free electric scooter 6.5”

From Justin Beiber to Kendull Jenner, Chris Brown to Nicky Minaj, if you’ve been following celebrity instagrams, watching them balancing and moving around on futuristic skateboards lately, and wondered where you can get yourself one of those, this is the product you need to get your hands on.

Amazon extending its sponsorship to the product indicates that it’s a genuine offering in a sea of fakes. The product was packaged properly and delivered on time. The Lifetime Guarantee offered by Leray self balancing scooter 6.5’’is also a good reason to go for this scooter as wear and tear happens to be in the nature of its usage.

It has a sturdy built at 26 pounds and can easily handle an adult’s weight. The gyrosensors and extra padding make riding and turns smooth. Wheel size could have been bigger for navigating uneven surfaces. The current radius only allows riding over almost flat surfaces and even a medium bump in the road could trump your balance. The LED lights as indicators are quite helpful for using it at night. It’s easier to get on the board and find your balance once the board is switched on rather than trying to balance yourself on it before switching it on. It’s bound to develop a few scratches from the first ride despite the excellent enamel finish. However, that doesn’t take away from the performance. And the little high quality bumper stickers provided with the product go a long way in avoiding the wear and tear.

It comes fully charged from the manufacturers so you can go flying right out of the box! Once you’ve learned to balance, it doesn’t hobble much due to the powerful motor and good quality magnets used in the make. You can zoom around on a comfortable 10km/h to 12km/h when it’s fully charged. It’s really important to read the instruction manual before launching in to any stunts. The manual provided does a good job of explaining the make, working, charging and instructions for handling the device safely. Once you find your balance and flow, it’s an experience like no other and you can’t stay away from your Leray Dreamwalker self balancing scooter 6.5’’ scooter for long!

The aerodynamic design and peppy colors make this a statement accessory to have.

As far as technical specs go, the Leray self balancing scooter 6.5’’employs a trademarked braking technology that allows the device to recover energy which adds to the mileage you get out of each charge. The N45 magnets used can withstand temperatures up of 176 F while the LG Lithium 18650 batteries offer better protection on longer durations when the batteries get warm. A 1000 watt motor keeps the noise to a minimum. The three point accelerometer makes the device easy to navigate and control even with slight twists and turns. The criss crossing LED lights add to the overall style and look of the device while also serving as indicators during night time. The colors and lights complement each other well and make the design stand out.

In comparison to similar devices on the market, Leray’s Dreamwalker hands free self balancing scooter, provides better value for money and a smoother experience due to the trademarked breaking technology and superior, best in class batteries used in conjunction with high quality magnets and motor.

This is an excellent gift for children as young as 8 and people as old as 58 and above. The device is an improvement on the traditional skateboards that we’ve all used at some point as kids. Its precision movement detection and comfort make it a phenomenal accessory that’s immensely useful. You could have loads of fun using it while also employing it to save time walking over short distances. It’s not easily carriable everywhere by hand owing to its 26 pounds weight, but, you could always hop on it instead!

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Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:17 am

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