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Introducing The Ninebot Mini Pro

Segway was the original premier brand if you wanted a self balancing scooter back in the day.

Many expected Segway to revolutionize the world. Instead, Segway faded into obscurity. When new electric hoverboards hit the market, Segway remained silent. Finally, after months of silence, Segway is back on the scene with their Ninebot Mini Pro. It costs around $1,300 but aims to revolutionize the self balancing scooter world. Is it worth spending nearly $1,000 more for a Segway compared to a cheaper Swagway? If you want a premium product, the answer is most likely, yes.

While Segway’s Ninebot Mini Pro looks similar to other self balancing scooters, there are some major differences that really set it apart. To begin with, it’s a much more robust product. It weighs in at a whopping 28 pounds. It can also travel up to 19 miles, much further than cheaper self balancing scooters. It features large vacuum tires as opposed to solid tires. This makes for a much smoother ride when compared to other competitors. Finally, the Ninebot Mini Pro features a handle located between your knees that controls your direction. You use this handle to steer as opposed to leaning different directions. This makes it easier to mount and dismount, as stepping onto the scooter doesn’t put you immediately into motion. If you were worried about safety with other models, consider the Segway. It’s also waterproof, dustproof, and can handle an incline up to 15 degrees.

Riding the Ninebot Mini Pro on the streets

Segway is really pushing for the Ninebot Mini Pro to be more for adults and less of a children’s toy. It features brake lights, turn signals, a parking break, and even a headlight for when you’re traveling at night. The parking break can be activated with a smart-phone app, which will cause your phone to shake and beep, alerting you if someone is tampering with your scooter. You can even control the hue of the lights using the smart-phone app.

Since the Ninebot Mini Pro is much heavier than traditional self balancing scooters, Segway has introduced an extendable handle to easily pull your scooter along. If it dies while you’re out, you can easily drag it along beside you instead of lugging the heavy scooter around. You can even control it with your smart-phone, parking it wherever you need. Additionally, Segway is devoted to safety. If you were afraid that your self balancing scooter may burst into flames, look no further than this model.

But if you can’t afford this premium model and want to try this new way of transportation with almost identical feel but reduced price, we recommend to take a look at Airwheel S3. Don’t miss our review here.

Segway is well on their way to revolutionizing the self balancing scooter market, and the Ninebot Mini Pro looks to be the first in a long line of successes!

We will be there to follow the hype this product unleashed. Stay tuned.

Updated: January 17, 2018 — 7:25 am

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