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How to choose the right manufacturer for your needs

Despite being a relatively new sensation, self balancing scooters are already extremely popular all across the world. Many consumers are showing interest in purchasing a self balancing scooter, either as a gift or for personal use, but are often overwhelmed by their amount of options. New manufacturers, brands, and models are popping up seemingly overnight. Out of all of the options available, how does a consumer decide which self balancing board manufacturer is right for them?

To begin with, it is important to recognize your budget and how much you are willing to spend on a self balancing scooter. Prices range from approximately $400 to $1,500 across manufacturers. It is important to note that the most expensive scooters are not always the best fit for each individual person. Next, be sure to pay attention to the maximum weight limit of each manufacturer. Exceeding this limit can cause handling issues that can lead to injury. Finally, keep in mind how fast and far you want your scooter to go, as this can vary depending on manufacturer. Listed below are a few different manufacturers. All make excellent self balancing scooters, so be sure to choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

MonoRover is undeniably one of the most popular self balancing scooter manufacturers. MonoRover’s latest model, the R2, costs between $500 and $600, depending on color choice. It has a maximum weight of 250 pounds. On a single charge, expect to ride from ten to twelve miles before the battery is depleted. The R2 maxes out at around seven and a half miles per hour. Colors include white, black, burgundy, or ice blue. They have a one year warranty for anything wrong with their scooter.

For a more budget friendly option, Likary offers a scooter that sells anywhere from $315 to $500, depending on where you purchase from. The maximum weight is 220 pounds. Range is ten and a half to twelve and a half miles per charge, at a speed of approximately seven and a half miles. Colors come in black or red. Charging time is also a bit less than other scooters, at around 90 minutes for a full charge. They do not offer a warranty, though their price is lower.

Swagway is another option for consumers looking to save some money, but still get a great scooter. Ranging between $400 and $500 in price, the Swagway X1 has a max speed of 10 miles per hour and an excellent range of 20 miles per charge. The weight limit of Swagway is 220 pounds. Also, Swagway offers an extreme assortment of colors to choose from, such as black gloss, black, red, white, blue, orange, and yellow. A one year warranty is included if you register online and buy from authorized sellers.

Renowned for their craftsmanship and price, PhunkeeDuck is the premier line of self balancing scooters. These scooters cost $1500 and are for those who have the money and want the absolute best available. The PhunkeeDuck can support up to 300 pounds, which makes it one of the scooters capable of supporting the most weight. A charging time of two to three hours gives the user over ten miles of run time at a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour. A one year warranty is included. Also included in a remote, allowing you to lock and unlock your PhunkeeDuck while not in use. Colors include black, blue, pink, orange, red, titanium silver, white, and yellow.

While these four manufacturers are not the only manufacturers worth noting, you simply cannot go wrong by purchasing from the manufacturers listed above. MonoRover, PhunkeeDuck, and Swagway all offer warranties, while Likary offers the cheapest option available for those looking to get into the self balancing scooter market without wanting to spend tons of money. Be sure to consider these manufacturers and others, check your needs and wants, and make an informed decision to get the best self balancing scooter for you.

Disclaimer: All price ranges mentioned on this page may have changed since the time that this article was written. Do your own research.

Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:10 am

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