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The strange rise in popularity of Swegways

Self balancing scooters, or more often incorrectly called hoverboards, are sweeping the nation. They were an extremely popular gift at Christmas, finding themselves under thousands of Christmas trees. But are they as good as advertised? Or are they simply a dangerous trend, like some people have claimed? Whatever your stance on these new hands free electric […]

The ArcaBoard – A Real Hoverboard

With the reveal of Lexus’s fully functioning hoverboard, some people believed that the idea of self balancing scooters being promoted as hoverboards would soon be over. Unfortunately, Lexus stated that their real life hoverboard would not be released to the public. It wasn’t long, however, before the ArcaBoard showed up on the scene. The ArcaBoard is […]

Introducing The Ninebot Mini Pro

Segway was the original premier brand if you wanted a self balancing scooter back in the day. Many expected Segway to revolutionize the world. Instead, Segway faded into obscurity. When new electric hoverboards hit the market, Segway remained silent. Finally, after months of silence, Segway is back on the scene with their Ninebot Mini Pro. It costs […]

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