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The ArcaBoard – A Real Hoverboard

With the reveal of Lexus’s fully functioning hoverboard, some people believed that the idea of self balancing scooters being promoted as hoverboards would soon be over. Unfortunately, Lexus stated that their real life hoverboard would not be released to the public. It wasn’t long, however, before the ArcaBoard showed up on the scene. The ArcaBoard is a real hoverboard. Instead of balancing on two wheels, it floats above the ground using fans to propel the ArcaBoard and user. If you want a real life hoverboard, the ArcaBoard is for you. Start saving up now, though, as the ArcaBoard costs nearly $20,000. The manufacturer’s of the ArcaBoard, Arca, are currently taking pre-orders for their hoverboard. They also promise to ship the product during April 2016, only a few short months away.

The technology used in the ArcaBoard is relatively new, and as such, is expensive. A new battery pack, for instance, costs nearly $7,000. It’s covered under a one year warranty but once the warranty runs out, expect to start paying even more to continue using the ArcaBoard. Charging the unit takes approximately six hours, unless you buy a special docking station. Using this docking station cuts the charging time to a lightning fast 35 minutes, but the docking station costs $4,500. As you can see, buying your own personal hoverboard isn’t going to be cheap. Arca hopes that in the years to come, technological advancements will allow them to offer the ArcaBoard for a much cheaper price.

The making of Arcaboard

The ArcaBoard resembles a small mattress shaped box and features 36 ducted fans on the bottom of the unit, each spinning at 45,000 revolutions per minute. It moves at twelve miles per hour, similar to many self balancing scooters. It hovers at approximately one foot off the ground, perfect for going over rough terrain. Two models of the device are available. One is designed for riders with a maximum weight of 176 pounds and can hover for around six minutes. The other is designed for riders with a maximum weight of 242 pounds. This model can hover for approximately three minutes.

In addition to the price, other concerns focus on the noise the ArcaBoard makes. While no one knows just how loud the ArcaBoard will be, the fans are assumed to be extremely loud. Users may have to wear ear protection while using the ArcaBoard.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology that is sure to take off in the future, consider checking out the ArcaBoard!

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Updated: January 17, 2018 — 7:31 am

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