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Airwheel S5 Self-Balance SUV 2-Wheels Review


  • – Larger battery for longer periods of enjoyment
  • – Can sustain more weight without compromising safety
  • – More raw power and higher top speed
  • – It can move throught almost all kinds of terrain


  • – Heavier than its predecessors
  • – The incorporated sound system could be of higher quality

Airwheel’s latest launch, the new Self Balance SUV 2 Wheels Electric Scooter in the S series is an enormous improvement over the previous scooters in the same series. The new Electric Scooter is equipped with a 680WH battery that adds miles more to your ride than the current range of 520 WH on offer in the same class. It also performs well on rugged terrain with its 1500 W power. This raw strength makes it one of the few self balancing electric scooters that can be used on uneven streets, unpaved lanes, bylanes, roads as well as beaches. The new Scooter is heavier than the previous ones due to the powerful batteries mounted for longer hours of work. It has an estimated battery life of 5 years with approximately 1800 recharges. The S5 is truly breaking new grounds in 2 Wheels electric scooter with its latest offering.

It also sports other improvements like a foldable shaft that’s easier to adjust for balance, and bigger wheels with a 24.75 mm radius that add stability due to reduced friction and higher shock absorption power. The Airwheel S5 might be bigger than its predecessors sparking storage concerns. But Airweel has addressed this problem with the sleek foldable shaft.

The S5 has been designed with a four fold protection and a 4 inch LED display provides the user with ample information to control and steer the device without any hassles. The four point design protection incorporates:

  • specialized battery protection against heat and inflammation, and low battery
  • protection against tilt
  • speed limit protection
  • voice alerts for extreme situations

The new device is made with aviation grade aluminium alloy that’s waterproof and aerodynamic. It can be used under heavy rains without any damage to the device. The aluminium alloy also keeps the unit lighter in weight yet providing good tensile strength. This is the same material used in making MacBooks and also happens to be dustproof. So ride along on beaches without the fear of sand and water ruining your zooming experience. It also makes the device more resistant to shocks and bumps.

The new 4 inch wide display panel shows stats ranging from battery status, speed, to mileage. The Airwheel S5 comes equipped with a powerful CPU and dual chips with a reaction time of 30 milliseconds to shifts in balance, twists and turns. This also facilitates faster navigation and rapid change in movements and directions.

The S5 also boasts of a music system that is enhanced with closed chamber technology to handle large volume and consistently good sound quality so you can plug and play your favorite music on the go.

The Airwheel S5 design specs mimic spacecraft technology for smoother and faster rides with reduced friction and better air control and greater maneuvering ability. It has dynamic contouring that lends itself to a seamless riding experience. The ergonomic design assures of better posture and comfort while you are on the scooter.

It requires 4 hours for a full charge, comes equipped with charger and adapter. Apart from the 4 inch, wide display panel, there are LED lights in the front and the back that also act as indicators. There is a pair of headlights on the front for night time usage. At 75 pounds, it can easily handle a load of around 285 pounds. It can also be controlled via a remote key provided with the package.

Being on the heavier side of the spectrum, it is targeted at the older crowd ranging from kids to adults. A one year warranty against manufacturing defects and free repairs is also provided. It’s nicely packaged with a carrier bag you can store the device in. The foldable shaft shouldn’t be confused with an adjustable shaft, the height remains the same. There’s a kickstand included in the design specs for easy parking.

Overall, if you are looking for a stable device that tracks well anywhere you go, and not limit yourself to the posher areas, the Airwheel S5 is an ideal scooter for your needs. It provides a stable ride, comfortable posture, less friction and shocks, smooth navigation and streamlined control, important stats available at a glance, sturdy frame and balance, optimal speed and enough battery power to last a complete journey.

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Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:15 am

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