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Best self balancing scooter 2018 – Best electric scooter reviews

Pick a Scooter is a website dedicated to help you with your research for the best self balancing scooter on the market. At first glance, it can appear that smart scooters are something out of a sci-fi movie. More people are discovering them, zooming along quickly without a care in the world, dazzling onlookers. In fact, people often erroneously refer to them as, “Hoverboards”. as it often appears as if the user is hovering along. You may have come across to other names as well, such as “self balancing board“, “phunkee duck” , “electric hoverboard with two wheels“, “smart electric scooters” or “Swegway” . While they appear to be some invention from the future, the reality is that a smart balane wheel use a combination of technological components to make the scooter function.





The current individual electronic transportation devices trend can be traced back to the much hyped launch of the Segway scooter in 2001. Steve Jobs declared that design ‘as big a deal as the PC!’ The segway harnessed a lithium iodide rechargeable battery to power a mini self balancing two wheeled scooter with a standing board. It was equipped with digital sensors employing gyroscope technology to detect precision movements and control the device’s direction. Over the years, this has paved the way for other devices with more features like LED display panels showing stats like battery strength, mileage covered, speed, etc. Some of these -like the swegways- removed the balancing shaft and relied on just the wheels and remote controls to maneuver the device. Nowadays, we have done away with the board and gone back to using a single wheel with pedals on either side to stand on and zooming around with the gyroscope nature equipped us with. While the unicycle hasn’t caught on yet owing to balancing problems that individuals need to master, a skill that comes with practice, the other devices have now become quite mainstream and require rudimentary balancing skills and motor control to operate.

Top Self Balancing Scooters

ProductOur RatingPriceType
Swagway X16.7
Leray Dreamwalker7.6
MonoRover R26.8
Ninebot One E+8.5
Airwheel X37
Airwheel S58
$$$$Mini Segway
Airwheel S38.8
$$$Mini Segway

Self Balancing Scooter Types

A self balancing scooter helps transport an individual across short distances on relatively even surfaces. If you are a beginner and want to get in on the action, a segway with a balancing shaft would be a good place. Segways were invented in 2001 and took their own sweet time to catch on owing to the nerdiness associated with the gadget. Also, the price entry point wasn’t encouraging for the general public to catch on. It was marketed like the IT geeks’ ride, aimed at getting across the legendary campuses they work at. This was set to change with the entry of the two wheeled electric hoverboard that did away with the balancing shaft while sneakily stepping around a few patent toes! This more affordable version quickly caught on the public imagination thanks to celebs contributing to the enthusiasm with well made videos showcasing how much fun the devices are! The relatively under represented unicycle that requires a lot more skill to master also comes at a sweet entry point price of $350 but hasn’t been as extensively documented or marketed as the hoverboard. It’s quite a task to navigate through the various brands and devices available on the market today in all of these categories. Here’s a detailed look at how these devices evolved, their origins, features and some helpful reviews with the best smart scooter currently available for purchase.

2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooters

The two wheel self balancing boards are unarguably the most popular gadgets in this class of automated personal transportation devices. A combination of a segway without handles or the skateboard on wheels that can be charged, this device is gaining momentum like no other product on the market. Electric Hoverboards, as people generally refer to this device are currently under a couple of lawsuits by Segway and Lexus. They are claiming it takes off on the actual hoverboard that does hover in air and happens to be a board, a technology patented by them. While not necessarily hovering above ground, an electronic rechargeable board with two wheels does seem like a good alternative until the future brings us one that can launch us off the ground.

This smart scooter made its first appearance in the far East at an electronics exposition in China. Enterprising individuals at this event noticed the popularity plus the potential of the device and brought a few pieces over the Atlantic. After some intense reverse engineering and subcontraction of a manufacturing unit they succeded in producing the first batch of these smart balance wheels under their branding. The trend soon caught on with more people repeating the process and launching their own variations with LED design changes, different wheel spokes, colors and logos. Owing to the fierce competition, newer and cheaper variations started making appearance to cater to the not so gadget – spending savvy crowd. All of this has resulted in prices ranging from $300 to $1000.

The Hovertrax hoverboard is the original device invented in China, but the one advertised at the expo was being manufactured by Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Company Ltd. The biggest brands in North America are Phunkee Duck and IO Hawk. While these are the largest manufacturers, by no means they are the only ones. There are a ton of other extremely well reviewed brands like Leray, Swagway, Hoverbud, Monorover, Airwheel, Freego, Future Foot, Oxboard, etc.

Once you find your balance on these boards, the branding ceases to matter. The miniscule variations add or take nothing from the experience. A good mid range smart scooter, priced at about $400 to $800 gives as good a battery life, mileage, maneuvering and precision as any high end self balance board. Below you can find several smart elctric self balance board reviews so you can pick out the best self balancing scooter for yourself based on your needs and the amount of money you have available.

1 Wheel Self Balancing Scooters or Electric Unicycle

A self balancing unicycle may not be everybody’s cup of tea but anybody who’s mastered it can surely get the most fun out of it. Control Theory and Robotics come together in this unique creation that makes use of gyroscopes, precision sensors and the “good old wheel” mounted on a powerful battery to give it the digital thrust. As simple as the parts assembled might seem, it’s one of the most challenging phenomenons in control theory to guide a single wheel with balance and precision when carrying the wight of an adult human being.

Unicycles have always been around as part of circuses and could also see the rare freak who would zoom around the roads balancing on the single wheel with a seat atop a shaft, and pedals attached to the spokes’ center. The wheel size would be huge to accommodate the weight of the rider and afford balance. This mechanical contraption has been given the electronic spin as the modern day unicycle that can be controlled digitally. Its the one that has no seat and shaft but pedals that are tethered directly to the body of the wheel and need the user to stand to achieve balance.

Pinpointing the exact origin of the electronic unicycle is not as simple as it seems. Due to the interest in 3d dynamics of balancing single wheels in the student world, and projects and products coming out of various universities, we can say with confidence that the versions available on the market today made it this far after numerous iterations and failed specimens. As with many gadgets these days, it made its first appearance in a Sci-fi short story called ‘The Man from R.O.B.O.T’ by Harry Harrison. A Canadian company which specializes in recreational products, called Bombardier, first released a design of a unicycle in 2003 called the EMBRIO. It was powered by electricity and could accomodate a single rider who was seated on the contraption attached to the wheel. An actual working prototype in the current form however was Aleksander Polutnik’s Enicycle that was launched in 2006. It’s been almost a decade since then and the versions available today have higher precision, lighter material construction with higher tensile strength, sensitive gyros, accelerometers and remote controls for easy maneuvering. While the gyroscope and sensors help with precision balance and control, the accelerometer helps with speed.

The unicycle is truly different from the other devices in its segment as it can balance forward, backwards as well as side to side, apart from the obvious fact that the electric hoverboard and segways are actually dicycles with two wheels each.

2 Wheel Self Balancing Boards With Handles or Mini Segways

‘Code name Ginger’ is a fictional account of the rise and reinvention of the single transport unit as we know it today. It charters the design and development of the original Segway from its conception in the 90s to its launch in the 2000s. Developed in the same labs as the iBot, which was code named ‘Fred Upstairs’ in the lab, the Segway was termed ‘Ginger’ for Ginger Rogers, the other half of the phenomenal dancing duo! Based on patented technology by entrepreneur and inventor Dean L. Kamen, it deploys motion sensing technology to monitor the device. The front shaft that helps with balance and posture also helps in steering the motor in lateral directions. Mini Segways or single handle dicycles with boards can go up to 12 miles per hour.

Originally favored by the IT crowd to move around the plush campuses, mini Segways or two wheel self balancing scooters have come a long way. These days, major establishments like parks, stadia, large hospital campuses, airports, etc., have given in to the utility of the single transport motor. It helps employees effectively manage large swathes of public spaces with considerable ease. These devices are easy to recharge at regular charging points, require no other fuel, are eco friendly, easy to use, and make for better investment than on campus motorcades or traditional scooters and cycles. While the mainstream public is yet to adopt it and use it on sidewalks and daily commutes, in some parts of the world, this self balancing scooter is as commonplace as cars and bikes. Parts of Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries even have Segways for rent.

This increased proliferation has also come with a few restrictions in certain European and North American countries. Some places require official registration and license plates to use the scooters publicly. Other places have restricted the use of these devices in public altogether. Denmark and Finland are two places where license plates are a must while France is a free for all Segway enthusiast. Germany classes it with mechanical bicycles and similar laws apply. All of these things establish the fact that given a little more time, and a better understanding of the working and limitations of this device, it might become an indispensable piece of technology in the coming years. Unlike a unicycle or a hoverboard, a segway scooter doesn’t require balancing skills, positioning it uniquely as the go to device for people with two left feet.

Best Self Balancing Scooter Reviews – Make a smart choice

Now that we know what a self balancing, unicycle or dicycle is, let’s look at a couple of samples available in the markets today. With the range of options, designs, colors, brands, and price points on offer, it might get a little overwhelming for someone to choose the best self balancing scooter for their personal use. To help you with your choices, we have reviewed the most popular electric hoverboards, unicycles and mini segways. We’ve only chosen the top self balancing scooters including entry level price points that offer the same features and experience as the high end brands while being affordable without compromising on quality. Enjoy our smart balance wheel reviews

Best 2 Wheel Self Balancing Board Reviews – Swegways


  1. Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board

Swagway’s latest offering in this category, X1 Hands-free Smart Board is a top quality device and by no means expensive. Its features can only be compared with the far more expensive models, so at this price the X1 Hands-free Smart Board is the best value self balancing scooter. Like the high end devices, it gives 20 miles on full charge, can cruise at a cool 10mph and ace inclines as high as 15 degree. Not only does it come with a one year warranty, but the best thing about Swagway’s X1 Hands-free Smart Board is that most of its parts are made in the USA. This makes device repair and replacement much easier on your “pocket” and your precious time. The kickass colors ranging from white to neon green and the sturdy build compared to similar devices, make it stand out in a sea of hoverboards. By utilizing a dual motor that can indicate if your weight is evenly spread across the board, balancing on the board never felt easier. It picks up speed really fast and responds well to light changes in direction. At a minimal 29lbs, it’s easy to carry around while being sturdy enough to work with a payload of 220 lbs. If you are looking for high end features at a very reasonable price, Swagway’s X1 would make an excellent choice. Read our full review

  1. Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel

LerayGroup’s Self Balancing Scooter, Balance Motion 6.5” is a midrange self balancing electronic board that weighs around 26 lbs and can carry a max weight of 220 pounds. While the price point is mid range, the features on offer aren’t as tempting as other products in similar price range like the Swagway X1. The plus point of this board is its faster recharging time; it needs only 2.5 hours for a full charge. But that also cuts down on the mileage as well as speed of the device. You can clock up a maximum of 10 miles per recharge while cruising at 6 miles per hour. If you are buying directly from amazon, then shipping, handling and packaging is done professionally. Leray also has a good customer service reputation and address issues and concerns promptly. The best reason to go for the Leray two wheel self balancing Scooter are the original batteries and its wheels dimensions. This is also an ideal gift for your kids if you want them to master the hoverboard but not hurt themselves at higher speeds. It can handle a tilt of about 5 degrees so make sure you are only using it on flat and even surfaces. A good holiday gift if you want to get the hang of self balancing scooters. Full Review

  1. Powerboard by Hoverboard – 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter with LED Lights

Hoverboard’s new Self Balancing Electric board is a mid range device that offers the experience and features of the PhunkeeDuck or the IO board. At this price, this is the best smart scooter in the marketthanks to its proprietary balancing technology that incorporates a triple axis accelerometer combined with precision gyrosensors that make balancing on the Hoverboard’s Powerboard a “walk in the park”. This is a technically superior board because of the latest high powered N45 magnets that it uses to keep the engines cool at higher performance levels, while downsizing the noise by employing heavy duty 270 stator motors. Powerboard has also taken extra care as far as batteries are concerned by using the latest VC3 technology that can withstand high temperatures. While it looks similar in build and design to other devices, it is sturdier and equipped with better motion sensors and controls so you can master the device easily. The LED lights on the board serve as both an indicator for the battery-warning for speed limits- as well as guide lights at night time. If you have used other two wheel self balancing scooters before and you had a hard time balancing it, Powerboard Electric Scooter is the ideal choice to get that balance in control and get on with the trend. Continue reading our full review of the best self balancing scooter.

  1. MonoRover’s R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter

MonoRover’s R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter can be bought at a mid price point and has the best in class sensors. It can detect even the slightest movement of your body for changes in direction and speed and respond to it in milliseconds. It can run up to 18 miles per charge and can cruise at 7.4 miles per hour. This doesn’t mean that it cuts down on charging time as a full recharge takes up to 2 to 3 hours. It falls in the standard weight range of 22 to 26 pounds and can take a load up to 220 pounds. This board isn’t as sturdy as others in the same class and not helpful with balance, but it more than compensates for these flaws with the speed and precision it can deliver. MonoRover itself recommends an age restriction of 14+. It works well up to inclinations of 15 degrees. Be careful though, because as it can sense even a slight changes and respond to it very quickly, uneven surfaces might throw you off balance very easily. It comes packed with a charger and cord, and is also fully charged right off the box. It’s a good device if you aren’t comfortable shelling out a large amount of money for an electronic scooter and on top of that, the extra mileage at decent speed is a good bonus. Our full review.

Best One wheel self balancing board or electric unicycle reviews


  1. Airwheel X3 One Wheel Electric Scooter

Airwheel’s Self Balancing Electric Unicycle is one of the lightest and smallest unicycles weighing in at just over 9 kgs. It can be carried in a backpack. It takes only an hour and a half to charge and gives a mileage of 14 per charge at a maximum speed of 11mph. This eco friendly product is easy to master if you know how to ride a cycle. Apart from the requisite gyroscopes and motion sensor technology that’s a must for all such devices, it also makes use of inertial monitoring to help with balancing problems and keeping the wheel going on smoothly. It can be controlled by forward or backward leaning motion, with different speeds for different effects like changing direction, speed, slowing down or braking. The aerodynamic design ensures less friction and wear and tear while maintaining balance. It requires a lot of practice and stamina as it isn’t the most ergonomic means of transport. But it is the most affordable and feature rich option available in the market today. At its current price, it’s almost a steal. Its only drawback is the heavy charger that comes with it. Fortunately, once charged, you can make an entire trip without having to recharge, so the weight and size of the chargers shouldn’t pose any problems. Read our complete review.

  1. Ninebot’s One Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Ninebot’s One wheel Self-balancing Scooter, Ninebot One E+ Unicycle is an excellent new addition to the small range of quaily electric unicycles available in the market. It blows the competition out of the park with its look and feel and with its advanced features. Its design is by standards more ergonomic and rider friendly than any other unicycle. Let’s get the stats out of the way before we get to its excellent design features. It can give a mileage of 21 with every recharge and can run at 13 mph. These are stats that leave the other smart 1 wheel electric scooters far behind! As if that isn’t enough, it can cruise well on inclinations of 20 degrees despite being a unicycle beating the maximum 15 degrees inclination that is adviced by most electric hoverboard manufacturers. This contributes to a wider usage on surfaces that aren’t very even while giving better balance and mileage on flat surfaces. The pedals have been designed to curve upward giving the rider better balance against bumps and jerking. It’s a little bit on the heavy side weighing almost 40 pounds. Batteries can be recharged up to a 1000 times! It’s a sturdy build resistant to wear and tear to a higher degree than its’ counterparts. The LEDs around the wheel are helpful stat indicators. It can also be used in light rains and taken up hills on a full charge with optimum payload of 80 to 90 kgs. If you are looking to own a unicycle, we highly recommend the Ninebot E+ as the best smart balance wheel in the current market. Click here for a full review of the Ninebot One E+.

2 Wheel Self balancing Scooter with handles or Mini Segway Reviews


  1. Airwheel’s self-balance electric two wheel scooter S3

Airwheel’s self-balance electric two wheel scooter S3 is a bluetooth enabled, stereo speakers equipped scooter with a balancing shaft. It features a LED display system that keeps a tab on important stats like battery level, mileage, and speed. Its low price makes it the best value “mini Segway”. It comes fully charged from the manufacturer but has to be assembled at home. Read the manual carefully to configure the speakers and bluetooth system. Assembly takes 10-15 minutes top and then it’s ready for fun. A fully charged unit can rack up to 60 km at a good 18 km/hr. It takes 6 hours to recharge completely but it has a built in hack for 80% recharge in 90 minutes flat for those times when you are in a hurry. It is sturdily built and it performs well in dusty conditions. The manual indicates not using it under wet conditions so that’s a bummer. The LED lights are bright and function well as both headlights and rear lights in the dark. Although not approved by the FDA, a lot of people have found it helpful to use the S3 while recuperating from injuries/motor problems. The Airwheel S3 is affordable and good value for money if you need a reliable self balancing scooter to get around with ease. Check here the full review.

  1. Airwheel’s S5 self balancing two wheeled scooter

Airwheel’s S5 self balancing two wheeled scooter is the latest scooter on the block in the Airwheel S series scooters. It is an immense improvement on the previous versions and has been priced accordingly at almost a double price than S3. The extra cost, though, is money well spent with more features like foldable shaft, branded Sony and Panasonic batteries and aviation grade aluminium alloy. That aluminium alloy makes it waterproof as well as dust proof, so you can take it out under all weather conditions. It can scale inclinations of 40 degrees making it usable on beaches too! It takes only 4 hours to charge completely and can be recharged up to 1800 times! The speed limit is 11 miles per hour. It has a wide 4 inch LED display for stats, LED lights and additional headlights and rear lights. The firmware is easy to upgrade and apps for password protection and for showing stats like total mileage can easily be downloaded. It also has a remote control ability and a stereo sound system. The S5 justifies its higher price tag by offering most of the features of the original Segway while being safe, ergonomic and affordable. Shell out the few extra bucks to experience a true “segway ride” at a reasonable price with the best mini swegway we could find. Read our full and comprehensive review.

Pros and cons of owning a self balancing scooter.


The reinvention of the wheel, if we can term this latest trend so, is upon us and we are moving away from traditional means of transport every year. Bikes, cars, mopeds are now making way for more energy efficient, more ergonomic, more space savvy and futuristic means of transports, and unlike fads that fade, these self balancing, electronic, rechargeable, monotransport vehicles are here to stay. And given enough time, resources and enthusiasm, will forge their way ahead much like the automobile industry did a 100+ years ago. We are fortunate to be living in these exciting times and what a travesty would it be if we do not move with the times and adopt these new means of transports as our go to devices for commuting. If you still aren’t convinced, let’s enumerate the reasons why you need to get on board(pun intended) pronto!

  1. Non renewable sources of energy are quickly depleting and so is the ozone layer. Blatant consumption of petroleum products that fuel the automobile industry (as well as wars that we do not want or need) has lead to hazardous effects on the planet and it is high time we reduce our carbon footprint. Get on a board and save the the environment by reducing your fuel consumption. Going green and eco friendly is the order of the day if we want our kids to have a planet that can sustain life. Studies have shown that automobiles are one of the biggest cumulative carbon dioxide emitters and unless we switch to cleaner fuels, we aren’t making much of an impact on reducing global warming.
  2. Single transport self balancing scooters are not only energy efficient but also portable and take up much less space than a traditional vehicle. You can have one for each member of the family, guilt free! They do not require huge parking spaces, can be locked, password protected and tracked via apps, and also carried around in bags if the need be.
  3. The more mainstream these self balancing hoverboards and smart scooters get, the faster they drive the technology improvements. Given the advanced pace of manufacturing and the rate at which nanotechnology is moving, we should be looking at actually taking off the ground pretty soon. Look at how the cordless phone has now evolved into something you can’t live without. Don’t you want the future to get here faster?
  4. Just like how driving is a skill that we learn to master with practice, this is going to be the new required skill for job ops in the future. The good news is, driving stumps a majority of us, this however is child’s play! The range of devices on offer ensure that there’s something for everybody from the balancing act challenged to the gymnasts of the world.
  5. It’s basically a toy that you can have fun with while being an excellent means of transport. Don’t believe me? Just look at the young icons of Hollywood and their instagrams and snapchats. Smart scooters all over the place
  6. The best thing about this phenomenon is it’s affordability and availability to the general public. Unlike space travel, the swish set isn’t the exclusive club that can own a hoverboard, you and I can too, and good ones at that! The pricing of these devices is practically begging you to buy one! You can get your hands on the best smart balance wheel without breaking the bank.
  7. If none of these are reasons for you to consider buying one, get one to stay on top of trends. Or show one off as a cool new accessory! Even if you don’t use it, you can still stay abreast with the times.
  8. Lastly, wasn’t the wheel invented to save time, and make distances shorter so you could get to places faster? Why are you still here, time is running, so are these gadgets…out of stock. Place an order today and welcome aboard!


As with every piece of technology that pushes us forward in the march of civilization, the self balancing scooters also come with their own negatives. It is however a matter of proper usage and mastering the devices, rather than problems with the devices per se. While the mini segway may be easy to use, the hoverboard and unicycle require practice and precision balancing or else you may end up with a lot of broken bones or fatal injuries. These are toys but not for the kids, just for the kid in you. Using them on surfaces that they aren’t meant to be, is another hazard in the making. Daredevilry on the streets with these devices could also result in bad outcomes unless you are a professional, even then, accidents take two parties. There’s a reason why a lot of countries and establishments have banned the usage of hoverboards on certain premises and areas. Enjoy your tech with a healthy regard for the rules and limitations of the devices.

How does it work??

To understand what makes a self balancing scooter work, it is important to have a basic understanding of the design of a scooter. When looking at any popular model, the main design elements of the scooter are the plastic shell, wheels, LED lights, and pads where you rest your feet. The design of these can vary slightly from model to model, but are generally similar across manufacturers. Other components, like the power switch, battery, and charging port, are often overlooked, though essential to the operation of the scooter.

Knowing the design of the scooter helps conceptualize the components within that make it work. Inside of the plastic shell rests a steel frame that pivots in the middle. This lets the two halves of the scooter move independently, allowing the user to turn. On top of the steel frame lay the other parts needed to make this smart scooter work. These parts include the gyroscope and speed control boards, the main logic board, and the battery. Inside each of the wheels are electric motors that contain a tilt and speed sensor. This sensor measures the RPM, or revolutions per minute, of each wheel. This information is then sent to the gyroscope and speed control boards.

The gyroscope and speed control boards are essential to the function of a self balancing scooter. The gyroscope detects whether the two halves of the scooter are flat, tilted forwards, or tilted backwards. It also detects the angle of the tilt. All of this information is sent then sent to the main logic board, which controls every part of your self balance scooter.

So how does the self balancing board detect your feet, your shifting weight, and know how to react? The rubber pads where you place your feet are much more than simply a place to stand. Under each pad are two pressure activated switches. Effectively, the entire top of the scooter where the user stands is a pressure pad. The two switches detect whether your weight is forwards, backwards, or level. It even detects to what degree you are leaning. These pressure sensors decide whether or not to activate the motors within the scooter. Once activated, the amount of pressure on each half of the scooter determines what speed to move at and whether to turn or not.

Finally, how does a swegway simply not fall over when a user leans too far forward? To keep the user upright, the scooter uses all of the components listed above to keep the scooter balanced. When leaning any direction, the pressure sensors detect how far the user is leaning, making the motors spin faster. The increased speed of the motors lets the scooter move faster, effectively combating the user’s center of gravity. This brilliant system allows the user to remain upright, as long as they travel at the correct speed for how far they are leaning.

At first glance, self balancing scooters appear to be from the future. However, after careful inspection, they are nothing more than a clever combination of components and sensors designed to keep the user upright. So the next time someone asks how your swegway works, explain it to them and let them have a go. Make sure you equip yourself with best scooter helmets in order to be safe.

Check these guides

Operating a self balancing scooter

Choosing the right self balancing board manufacturer

Back when our forefathers invented the wheel, they kickstarted a revolution in ground transport and settlements. Little would they have suspected that one day, this very same invention would help man take off the ground and push him into the stratosphere, conquering the skies. As enormous as the wheel’s impact has been on the history of man, it has now come a full circle with the actual inspiration behind its invention, i.e., revolutionizing ground transport again in the form of the new rage that’s been trending everywhere from Chinese tech expos to Justin Beiber’s music video. The self balancing scooter, more popularly known as the phunkee duck for the biggest brand in certain markets, or the electronic hoverboard, or the two wheeled smart balance board is changing the way we have been commuting for the last century or so. The self balancing scooter that can has style: electric scooter with seat, be it the unicycle, the swegway or the mini segways, address the modern day need for individual transport without acquiring precious space like cars, non-renewable sources of energy like gas amongst other things like being light on the pockets and portable enough to be carried in a bag across oceans. The utility of the devices has been so phenomenal and varied that within a short period they’ve become a worldwide trend and one of the fastest selling array of gadgets in recent history. Read more here about best electric scooters for kids.

When Ford established his automobile manufacturing unit in the 1900s, he revolutionized the industry and increased the pace of life considerably. A century and more later, our lives are so fast paced that entire seasons are released in one go as nobody has time to keep up with weekly shows. Enter the single transport self balancing scooters and unicycles and the way we move from point A to point B has also caught up with the pace of our lives. Walking is quickly becoming passe when there’s so much work to get around to. Traditional means of transport with their traffic, parking, monetary and fuel woes are going the way of the cordless phone. We are in an era where fast means hopping on a smart electric scooter with electric moped scooter and zooming away to our destinations without the hassle of strapping in. Improvements in gyroscope technology, nanochip sensors, digital accelerometers, precision movement detection and the crunch of time has brought us as sleight of gadgets that help us save time and energy, add a skillset and make getting around so much more fun. If you haven’t jumped on to the bandwagon yet and haven’t still tried a smart balance wheel, now is an excellent time to get started and buy yourself or your loved ones a piece of technology that will soon be an indispensable part of our lives. May the balance be with you! If you want to buy electric scooter for kids, you may want to discover reviews of best ones.

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